Apartment Living

Hello everyone,I am up early as usual,I prepared my boyfriends’ lunch and he went to work. So,yes I wanted to talk about living in apartment when you have a child or children. Not all of us can afford to buy a house right away. In our situation,we definitely can’t afford it right now but it’s in the future list of big purchase. 

If you’re wondering why I suddenly wanted to talk about apartment living,it is because we’ve been having problem with our neighbour downstairs.We live in the second  floor. She came few weeks ago on a weekend and said to my boyfriend that our daughter makes too much noise. I said to my boyfriend right away,she doesn’t make that much noise. Once in a while she drops her toys and sometimes she would walk fast. I’m not being biased because she is my daughter but I honestly think she doesn’t make that much noise.

Last night,Isabella was walking back forth from the TV stand to the couch and she would squeal and the people downstairs started banging with a stick on their ceiling. Isabella didn’t do anything wrong,she was just walking. I find it childish that they bang the stick on the ceiling. My boyfriend explained to the lady when she came that our daughter is at the age where she walks. I figured she would understand since she also have a baby which is younger than our daughter. 

We are moving at the end of June but still, Isabella wants to walk. She’s 19 months today.I think the lady knows that Isabella is not doing it  on purpose,it’s just that she chose to complain be childish about it. She obviously know it’s not me or my my boyfriend who walk around like that.Babies can’t control their weight when they walk especially when they try to walk fast.  The lady certainly knows,we live in a old apartment building,so as far as noise is you can hear a lot but doesn’t mean I bang the ceiling when people on top of us are noisy. 

I hope you have a great day 😘😘😘!


Ira ❤️

Managing Stress

So here we are on the end of the week. Everyone gets stressed.We all have our day to day worries. It stresses me out when our house is a mess,mommies out there can probably relate. So this week, my boyfriend had a break down. He was getting over a bad cold,then his dog Boss broke his leg the week before and he went to see his doctor for consultation about his biopsy last month for his stomach. He took Boss for his check up also. I don’t like seeing him so stressed out especially he get bad migraines. I don’t know how bad it is since I’ve never had migraines. My boyfriend stresses out about lots of things, he likes to think about the future which is nice but he thinks about it to the point that stresses him out. 

I think about the future of course,I worry that I won’t be able to get a job. I’ve learned to not worry about it too much until I get to start finding a job first. I don’t see the point of worrying at this point,if I haven’t even applied to any job. 

I think I mentioned on the other post that I like doing yoga. I try to spend at least 20-25 mins on the mat,20 mins of doing the poses and I end it with a 5 minute meditation. The weather here lately has been good so I go for a walk with Isabella for 20 mins then we stop by at the park.I let her play and stay as long as she wants. 😊

Working out is good to lower stress. 🤗 You release happy hormones when you workout! 

Happy Weekend everyone! 


Ira ❤️

Update:Potty Training 

Hello everyone! How’s your week going? It’s a rainy day here today. So,yesterday Isabella had an accident free day since I started potty training her. I’m very happy with that,she started pointing on her pants too when she needs to use the potty. She wears pants at home without underwear.She got a training underwear for Easter but haven’t really use them. She wears diaper for her nap and bedtime. I usually sit her on the potty before I put her diaper and I try to put her diaper as close to her nap time. 

I tried getting her in her tub this week and still no luck. So,I’ll wait and try to buy bubbles,see if that works for her. 🤗

That’s it for now, I’ll updating more on the potty training.
Have a great day!


Ira 😘

Easter Weekend

Hello everyone!How was your Easter? It was a busy Easter. We had lunch and dinner at two different places on Easter Sunday. Saturday wasn’t so bad,we lounged around for most part of the day and in the afternoon,we went for a walk in St.Bruno Park. Yesterday was a lazy day,I didn’t really do much.  We took Isabella on the park for a bit,it was a little cold yesterday so we didn’t stay out for long.

So,this week we are back on track with the potty training. We only did a bit of a potty training on the weekend since we are everywhere. Isabella is doing great,she has no problem peeing and pooping on the potty.She still have accidents but I find I didn’t have a hard time teaching her sitting on the potty. Her accidents were usually because she doesn’t want to stop doing whatever she is doing and she doesn’t get on the potty on the time. 

Thursday,Isabella is going for 18 month vaccine. I hope everything goes well.
Have a great day!


Ira 😘

Potty Training

Hello everyone,so this week I started potty training Isabella again. We tried when she was 16-17 months old but it didn’t work out,we did it with the pull ups. So,now I am doing 3 day potty training. She was bare bottomed yesterday and Monday,today I put a pants on her just because the temperature is a little cold again. She have lots of accidents still. I am hoping patiently that she will get there soon enough.She tries to hold her pee but I think sometimes she’s into whatever she’s doing that she forgets that she’s not wearing diaper anymore. I put diaper when she naps and at night. I think I am not quite ready to potty train her at night.The most important thing for me is she is potty trained during the day. I planned on going back to work sometime this year so it would be great if she is potty trained before she goes to daycare.

So how did you potty train your kids? 
Have a great day!

Love ,

Ira 🤗

Is there such thing as being ready for a baby?

Hello everyone! So, I had a little conversation with a friend and with our age,I think our conversation go on it’s own on babies. I have a baby,she doesn’t have one. First off,she’s not dating anyone right now but when she knows she wants to have a baby one day-when she is ready. So, that got me thinking.Is there such thing as being ready for baby? On my own experience, before I got pregnant,I know I wanted a baby but when is left blank. Sure, we can prepare financially,babies cost a lot of money.So many expenses. Emotionally, to some extent you can prepare I guess but nothing can prepare you from the stress when baby cries and you don’t know what she or he wants. They say,there are only few things baby wants when they cry. When you are stressed and your baby is crying, you just want to know which one exactly is it,right?I remember,bawling my eyes out at midnight or 2 or 3 in the morning because I couldn’t get Isabella to sleep. You can never prepare for how tired you’ll get once you have a baby. I always say I’m tired because I am. It’s  not even a joke how tired I am at the end of the day.  Preparing physically, by the taking care of your body meaning eating healthy and exercising,still It won’t prepare you for the big task. Psychologically, you can prepare for it. When you are ready for a baby and you think you are ready for the messy diapers, pajama days, no make up- never mind make up, atleast brushing just the hair. I wasn’t really prepared for it, one day I look in the mirror and my hair was a mess.I broke down in tears in front of my boyfriend and said ” I couldn’t even brush my hair.”.I laugh it off now but at that time I wasn’t laughing obviously. 

I think, we can never really prepare for something so life changing. Babies will make you cry,frustrate you,test your patience but they are the most wonderful gift. They will brighten your day with their babbles,gurgles,laugh or just their voice when they start talking. 
So did you know you were ready for a baby? If so, how ready were you? 


Ira 😙 

Busy Weekend

Hello everyone, it’s Monday again! How was your weekend? It was a busy weekend for us,we had to go for dinner at my in laws on Saturday and after that we went to  a birthday party  for my boyfriend’s uncle. We came come 3 am Sunday. We went to bed at almost 5 am.I woke up around 10:30 in the morning. At around 1,we did our groceries,we finished all our grocery shopping almost 4. We went straight to my boyfriend’s grandmother for another dinner. It was a birthday dinner for my boyfriend’s uncle. So,today I am feeling tired.Isabella stayed at my in-laws Saturday night and yesterday whole day.

I missed having her around when I am not with her. She’s a little character. She laughs when people laugh. She has a temper on her,I noticed. We went to buy a wooden puzzle for Isabella yesterday at Toys R Us. She have a Winnie the Pooh wood puzzle which she absolutely love.She would play with it over and over.I think it was too easy for her already.She can do it no problem.

We got her a train wooden puzzle,it comes with 18 pieces, different shapes and colours.My boyfriend asked if the train is okay for our daughter and I said ” Why wouldn’t it be?”I think he thinks that it’s more a toy for a boy.I don’t think so, it’s a toy for both girl and boy.  We also got her wooden blocks, it’s 150 pieces. We will introduce the blocks later when she starts to get bored with her train and other toys. The wooden blocks costs 20$. It was on sale.

We buy Isabella toys but most of her toys were gifts.We hardly buy her any toys and books,because she already have so much.



I hope you have great day!








Week Updates

Hello everyone! How was your week? Mine was good. It was my birthday on Tuesday. There was a snow storm here so my boyfriend picked up sushi for dinner. We haven’t had sushi in a while and we both love sushi. I got a birthday phone call from a friend in England after the dinner. It was a great birthday. My parents left for Philippines the morning of my birthday. It’s great their flight was early otherwise they would’ve been stuck in the airport.
Yesterday,I finally did my taxes. I did it on my own for the first time. It took me 2 or more hrs to finish my simple tax but it was satisfying to finish something you’ve never done before.Me and Isabella have been continuously working on the mural and we are close to finish. I think I mentioned on one of my previous post that it’ll be done this week unfortunately I don’t think so.It need quite a bit more of detailing.

I am having a bit trouble with my blog,I think I messed it up somehow.I hope I can figure out what I did wrong.

So how was your week?

I hope you have great weekend!

It’s 😙

Birthday: 26 Bucket List

So today, I am 26 years old! I never made a bucket list before so I made one this year. There are a lot of things I want to do and experience still. 

Turning 26, my first thought was I am getting old (lol). I am getting close to that big 3 and 0. I don’t know why but somehow I’m a bit scared to be getting close to 30. I guess part of it also is that I don’t have a solid career path. I find that scary that if I am getting close to 30 and I’m not a hairdresser yet. There are so much to be thankful for everyday. 

Hopefully,  I can cross off something from my list this year. 🙂

Here’s my bucket list:

  1.  To be finally become a hairdresser 
  2. I want to see a Panda (I love Pandas)
  3. Go on vacation somewhere in Caribbean.
  4. Go to Japan and experience their famous hot baths, tea ceremony and wear a kimono.
  5. Go to Turks and Caicos (it just looks so beautiful and relaxing the beaches) 
  6. Go to Maldives and relax on the beach 
  7. Enroll in Fine Arts
  8. Go on a yoga retreat in Thailand
  9. Attend a cooking lesson
  10. Learn to knit 
  11. Go see the magnificent polar bears
  12. Go to Italy 
  13. See cherry blossoms in bloom on spring
  14. Visit Disneyland 
  15. Make a crêpe cake 🙂
  16. Visit a zoo 
  17. Visit a museum 
  18. Go to United Kingdom ( see the the London Bridge and Big Ben?)
  19. Buy our first house
  20. Learn how to drive
  21. Buy my first car
  22. Have a spa day
  23. Learn a new language 
  24. Learn how to play violin
  25. Attend a concert
  26. Visit a castle 

    It took me more than 2 weeks to make my list, I can only imagine my list will grow as I sit and think what are the things I want to do and accomplish!So what’s on your bucket list?  

    Have a great day!I’ll  talk to you again soon.


    Ira 😙