Being a mother

First off, I want to introduce myself.My name is Ira ,and yes I am a mother of one little bundle of joy. I wanted to write about my experiences as a mother, my feelings and everything that goes with it. 

I become a mother of one, last year. If you are wondering how old I am,I’m 25 now. I had my daughter when I was 24. It wasn’t  a planned pregnancy, in all honesty but i love her to death. I love her even before I saw her in the ultrasound. I considered abortion but I don’t have the heart to go through with it. The lady on the abortion clinic asked me if I want to give her up for adoption that’s when it really hit home. I told the lady, if I am going to have her, I’m  going to raise her. She asked me why is that? I simply told her, I just can’t give her up. I didn’t tell her that I can’t live with myself knowing that my daughter is somewhere, and someone is raising her other than me. I have nothing against women who gave their child for adoption or go through abortion. All decisions are hard.We must live with them. You might be wondering why would I consider abortion, I needed to see all my options. I was still in school and barely have money for my baby. But in the end I decided to have her and it’s the best decision I ever made. 

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