Parenting:Raising your child the same way you were raised?

Now that I have a daughter,I have the chance to look more closely on how I was raised. I think about how I would raise my own daughter.I asked myself if I would raise my child the same way I was raised? My answer is both yes and no. My parents are wonderful people but like every other human being they’re not perfect-no one is. They did their best in raising me. First of all, I grew up mostly with my father. My mother was working overseas most of the time. The first time she worked overseas, I was 6 years old. I remember clearly I didn’t cry but I was sad.I knew I won’t be able to see my mother for years. Then she ended her contract and came back,I was already 9 years old. She stayed for a year and she went away again for work. She came 2 years after for vacation and when she was about to go back to overseas I remember I cried so hard, I didn’t  see her off. My father said at that time “What would I do when they die? They can’t bring me with them.” I understood,I can’t go with my mother but wasn’t I allowed to be sad?.

Thinking about those thing now.

  1. I want my daughter to be able to express her emotions or whatever she’s  thinking to  me freely.
  2. My father is very strict, I wasn’t allowed to play with my friends outside. I’m not making excuse about anything but I learned  to lie when he wouldn’t let me go see my friends outside of school. I tried the honest approach so many times and didn’t work.My friend would sometimes come over to ask my father and he would still say no. So, I want to raise my daughter to be honest.
  3. Observing my father, he has no money sense. That’s  one more important  thing I want to teach my daughter. I want to teach her the importance of saving money.
  4. Education of course,like any parent.I want her to follow whatever her heart wants. I want to support her whatever she chose to do. My parents weren’t  the best at supporting. They would often tell me, take this or take that you’ll earn so much money when you finish.

So, how would you raise you child? Like I said, I love my parents all the same. No one is perfect, we try to be but we all have our flaws.

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