Confession:Compulsive lying

So yes,on this post I am confessing that I am a compulsive liar. I am embarrased and at the same I am discouraged and disappointed in myself. I find myself frustrated why can’t I just stop for  a moment before I tell a lie when situation arises. I know  I lie when situation is stressful or diffult for me- I know it is selfish,I know it is better to just tell the truth. I went to a CBT therapy  few years ago and I got better. I feel like it’s  a continuous battle that I just can’t win and I am actually so tired. I don’t want my daughter to grow up and hate me because of it. I thought I was doing okay atleast but right I feel like it’s just a battle I can’t win. 

I want to try and be positive and say I can do this but I really feel defeated right now. Another thing is I have no financial sense, If anyone read my other post.I said I want my daughter to learn about saving my money. I am probably the same as father.I know I want to save money for my daughter. 

I want to take care and give everything to my daughter I want to better for her. 

Anyone out there who is battling the same disorder, I want to know how are you doing? 

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