“You’re being dramatic”

There’s nothing more frustrating and irritating when you’re so stressed and pouring your heart out what it is about and someone tells you, you’re  being dramatic. I find lots of people now a days thinks that when you are pouring your heart out, it means you want advice. Maybe, you just need someone to hear you out without the advice. You just need a friend who will just listen to you. 

Few nights ago, Isabella had trouble sleeping at night. She was crying everytime, I leave her room. That night, I wasn’t at my best and it starts to drive me nuts her crying and it really stressed me out. After she fell asleep, I was having a talk, basically venting out my frustration about it. He told me that, there’s  nothing to cry about and stress about.I said, well tonight it stresses me out and I just can’t take it. He said, you’re being dramatic. So, here I am stressed out,bawling my hearts out of frustration and that’s the comment I get. 

I wanted someone to be just there. Just to listen, you know. Who knows how many times, I’ve cried out of stress and frustration. Being a mother really takes so much out of you. I love my daughter, I usually say I can’t do it anymore but I’m still there stretching my patience out until she can sleep. 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone. 

Hopefully, everyone have a stress free holiday!

😘 Ira

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