First post of the year:Baby head banging

Hello, how’s everyone? How did your holidays go? So, I didn’t post anything holiday related and I didn’t get on my blog until today. I find the holidays very stressful to be honest. It’s not that I don’t want to see people,it’s just too much I find. One day, you’re at your aunts then the next at your parents . It’s a really busy month and too much food to think for me. I feel alot better now with all the holiday stress gone.

So, Isabella just turned 15 months old on Monday. I noticed the past few weeks that she bangs her head pretty often when things don’t go her way or when she needs attention. I am really worried, I think it can’t be good for their brain and their head. When I read up on it, it tells me not to worry about it, they will outgrew it.I still worry, I mean I am not talking about banging her head just on the pillow or soft couches here.She bangs her head on the wall, cabinet doors, glass doors and I think it is pretty hard. I try not to let her bang her head but when I say no she goes ahead and bangs it anyway. I give her alot more attention during the day, I find it helps alot. I try not to say No all the time with her too.Instead of saying no, I would say “Let’s go over to your mat and play” when she’s about to touch or do something she’s not suppose to. I will admit sometimes I raise my voice with her and I guess she doesn’t like that and she doesn’t really understand what she did wrong just by saying no.So,I try to be calm as possible when I’m  with her and enjoy playing with her.Babies grow up fast they won’t be the same in a month. 🙂

That’s  it for today,have a wonderful day! 

Let me know how you deal with your baby head banging! 


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