Lunch Ideas:Tuna wrap reinvented 

Today, it’s my first time to post a niche post or a hobby post. I love cooking and trying out new things. I usually don’t know what to eat for lunch, sometimes I would just reheat leftovers but I don’t like doing that everyday. So, today I made myself a Tuna wrap. It is easy and quick to make. 

Tuna wrap ingredients:

134g can solid white tuna(mashed in pieces;season with salt and pepper and 1 1/2 mayonnaise)

1 lettuce leaf washed

1 slice cheese (I like cheddar)

1/2 avocado (sliced thin)

1/4 pear (sliced thin) 

1 tortilla 9 grains

That’s  it! Now you just have to roll your wrap and eat ! Happy lunch everyone. 

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