Winnie the Pooh Mural Project

Hello everyone, I woke up today feeling tired.I haven’t been sleeping well lately.I think Isabella is going through a sleep regression or maybe she’s teething. She had been waking up 1 am and would stay up 1h30 minimum. Anyway, I wanted to share the project that I started on Monday. I drew Pooh and Piglet on the wall on Monday and yesterday I drew Tigger and Eeyore.Now,I’m  still thinking if I should put Owl,Rabbit and Roo somewhere. I wasn’t planning on painting the whole wall before but now I want to. I feel excited, I want to see it when it’s  done. My daughter loves Winnie the Pooh so she’s ecstatic to see Pooh on her wall.  I wish there’s  a clearer way to show the sketch on the wall. It’s  really hard to see because my daughter’s wall is pink.You probably have to zoom in to see the drawings.

Art is really  my passion.I love it,I enjoy it. Time flies when I’m doing art because I’m so into it. 

 I did a drawing on the wall when I was pregnant before my daughter came out . It’s not as detailed as the one I’m planning to do.I would’ve  put the background but I was almost due when I did the drawings.

I’m hoping it will turn out well my project . I’ll  post it here when it’s done.



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