Early Terrible Two’s?

Hello everyone, it’s Monday.Most of the time I don’t what day we are on the week because I rarely check the calendar anymore. I remember important dates like Bella’s vaccination, my Dr’s appointment but I never check the day.

Isabella is 15 months old now, going 16 on the 9th of February. I think she is starting her terrible two’s early. As soon as the little munchkin is up in the morning,she would walk right away to the dishwasher and try to press the buttons (our dishwasher is an older model, no lock on the buttons). She likes to press my S.O’s ps3 also,she do it mostly when my other half is home.She pushes chairs,open drawers and makes a pile mess with her toys (shakes head). I find her really adorable but the mess sometimes is just too much.

Picture below is before and after. Top is after and botton is before. 😮 She made other more mess around the house.

Isabella also started to refuse to take her bath last week. She would watch me put water on her tub and put her duckies but one’s I get her naked she would run away and cry. It’s funny because couple days before that she refuse to come out of her bath. I’ve been giving her sponge bath since then. There’s alot of weird stuff that happened last week. She would also refuse to have her bib changed,it needs changing often since she’s drooling alot. One day,she cried because I put sweater on 😅 and she tried to take it off me. I told her I was cold and she cried for a bit more. She would refuse diaper changes also, so I really want to get the mural done.It might help with her diaper changes.Is this what terrible two sounds like? I would think so,I find it stressful and the same time fun.
Have a great day everyone.:)


Ira 😙

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