Forgiveness and Moving on

Hello everyone, we are starting our week with blanket of snow. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I wanted to talk about forgiving and moving on. Just in case, she comes across this blog,I’m not writing this post to shame her.I’m writing this post, I never really had a closure.Three years ago, when me and my other half started dating his sister said alot of awful and untruthful things about me on the internet. I read couple of posts and I stopped reading it. I will admit, I was angry and the same time confused. I was confused because I don’t know why she said all those things two days after we just met. I never really had a chance to confront or talk to her about it. My other half talk to her and so as their parents, they asked why she said those things and she said “She was stressed”. I know around that time that we met she just moved out of their house and she just broke up with her boyfriend. I know sometimes we people can say alot of stupid and hurtful thing when stressed.Even so, I think it’s really personal the way she said all those things, especially for someone she didn’t know well enough. I’ll never know why she really said those things. She’ll probably never apologize for it but I’ve moved on. I have my little bundle of joy to keep me busy and happy. I forgive her, not for her but for me to be able to move on. I stopped wondering why she said what she said . I’m not waiting for an apology. 

I think the hardest part of moving on is, we sometimes see each other and we talk and sometimes it makes you wonder, “Does she say thing behind my back? “.Even though she’s good when we are talking. I hate doubting people that way. So, I said to myself that I’ll just take her at face value and not wonder if she is going to say something.

My mother once told me “Sometimes, we just have to forgive so we can have peace.”.

Advance Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! !

I’ll talk to you again.


Ira 😙 

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