It’s Thursday !

Hello everyone,it’s Thursday and I’m looking forward to weekend. It’s my father’s birthday on the 28th but we are celebrating it on Sunday. So weekend is a little busy again for us. 

I feel like I haven’t talked about my daughter lately on my blogs . I’ve been blogging about food alot lately. She’s going to be 17 months soon, in 2 weeks. Last weekend, we got a little break from our daughter.She slept over at her grandparents house. Me and my other half went for bowling and dinner event for his work.I have never bowl before that but I had a great time. My arms are still a little sore.We used the big ball which I didn’t expect.I was told we would be using the tiny ones. It’s nice to take a break from taking care of your own baby once in awhile. I still feel a little bit guilty though, I sometimes don’t want to be apart from her . She’s  at that age now, where she’s just so adorable. She gives kisses and hugs if you ask her for it. Her laughs are just infectious. 

The mural on her room is still not done. I am hoping to get it done soon. We will be moving on June again so I will do it again on the new place. 

That’s it for now.👋



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