Starting the week with a hiccup

Hello everyone, our week started hard. We went grocery shopping on Saturday and coming back home, there was a sudden downpour. We got home,waited a bit in the car until the rain ease up a bit and we brought our groceries in. 20 minutes later, we were about to go to my in laws, the car starts and then it dies on it own, security light is on the whole time. We were able to get it started drive all the way to my in laws. But then coming back we couldn’t get it started so we had to come back with my in laws car. The car was brought to the dealer yesterday, we are still under warranty suppose to be. Long story short, the computer on the car is what’s wrong and it costs 1,600  :o😵😨. Yes, that’s what I said. Both the dealer and the Mazda are refusing to c0ver the cost.Clearly it’s the dealers fault, the computer rusted because it wasn’t painted/coated properly.  We’re hoping to get a call from a manager today. Hopefully, it is a good news. The people there are rude when dealing with people.

We were clearly unprepared for this things,we have the warranty but they are being an “Asshole” by refusing to pay for their own mistake.

That’s our week is starting, hoping it gets better and we get a good news.

Have a great day!


Ira 😙

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