Dark Rainy Day: Update on the mural 

Hi everyone! I think it’s the first time I’ve posted two days in a row. Today,the weather feels a bit depressing, I’m sitting and eating a nice bowl of Pastina. I posted yesterday that Mazda didn’t want to cover the cost but the manager called yesterday and said they are going to cover it and apologized. That’s a sigh of relief for us. 

So, I finally started painting Isabella’s room. 

I would usually start with the background and then the details but I find it hard to do that with Isabella. I find it easier to do details first then background. The background is the biggest job I find . There’s a lot of painting to be done.I try to do what I can in a day and continue again the next day until I finish it. 

So far it is looking good. 🙂

Have great day everyone!



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