Marriage and Wedding Thoughts

Hello everyone, since I started dating my significant other.I find that most of my friends are always asking about when is the big day? And I always answer, we’ll see when we get there.

I just wanted to talk a bit more about wedding and marriage because I find in my culture and our tradition are still stuck a bit on the ancient side. In case I didn’t mention, I’m  Filipino by the way. So,when I got pregnant with my little one and I told my friends about it, the first question was is he going to marry you? And I’m like, we are not getting married just because I got pregnant.

We, Filipinos are mostly Catholics and I think our mindset are too set on ancient side. I mean okay, if a couple decided to get married together,not factoring that she is pregnant-that is great. I just find that parents sometimes are the ones who decides what’s going to happen.

I know my parents wants me to get married too. My mother has been dropping hints like if you ever decide to get married, it’s not expensive. I told my mother we will see. I personally, right now I don’t even think about marriage. We are happy the way we are now. Living together and having a baby is already a big step. I still find marriage a bit daunting. My parents are separated and a lot of people are getting divorced. We are happy right now,so why fix it when it’s not broken.

Maybe, in couple of years we will decide to get married. When everything is smooth, financially, emotionally and psychologically. I think people sometimes don’t really give much thought about marriage.

Marriage is still far from our minds.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be posting my big day on this blog! 😊


Have a great day everyone!






Ira 😙




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