Body Image, Self Confidence after pregnancy

Hello everyone, finally we are on the end of the week.Thank God! I am just so tired lately. Taking care of Isabella is no easy job and waking up early to make my significant other’s lunch is just tiring, the early mornings tire me out. This week I’ve been doing the mural and we are close to the finish. Hopefully, by next weekend it’s done.

I follow a lot fitness magazines on my Facebook and I see celebrities who just looks amazing after giving birth (Kate Middleton, Giselle Bundchen). It just makes me go “Wow”. So after I gave birth,all I remember was that I am so tired and sore, my nipples are sore from trying to breastfeed my little one. I am far from looking amazing,for few weeks or up to a month,I think. Sometimes, we mother’s are really hard on ourselves. We compare ourselves with others, I remember just wanting to lose the remaining 10-11 lbs right away when Isabella was born but I didn’t lose it until a month or two ago. I gained 45 lbs when I was pregnant, I lost most of it when Isabella was born. The whole time, I feel big. I’ve always been fit and slim, so having extra pounds especially when you are tiny makes you feel big.

About two weeks ago,we went for lunch for my father’s birthday. I finally wore the crop top and high waisted jegging that I bought last year. I bought it last year and never wore it because I didn’t have the confidence to wear it. So, when I step out of the washroom wearing the it my significant other said “You look amazing.You look sexy.” I said,thanks. What he told me after that is what made me emotional. He said ” I love your body even more now after you have given birth”.

That really gives me confidence when he say it like that. I worked hard to stay fit and slim, I do yoga 5 times a week,15- 20 minutes a day. If the weather is good, I take Isabella on a stroll for a good half hour. 

I want to end the week with lots of positivity. It takes a while to lose weight, it takes a lot of hard work to be fit but know that you are Beautiful, strong and amazing woman.

Have a great weekend everyone!






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