Birthday: 26 Bucket List

So today, I am 26 years old! I never made a bucket list before so I made one this year. There are a lot of things I want to do and experience still. 

Turning 26, my first thought was I am getting old (lol). I am getting close to that big 3 and 0. I don’t know why but somehow I’m a bit scared to be getting close to 30. I guess part of it also is that I don’t have a solid career path. I find that scary that if I am getting close to 30 and I’m not a hairdresser yet. There are so much to be thankful for everyday. 

Hopefully,  I can cross off something from my list this year. 🙂

Here’s my bucket list:

  1.  To be finally become a hairdresser 
  2. I want to see a Panda (I love Pandas)
  3. Go on vacation somewhere in Caribbean.
  4. Go to Japan and experience their famous hot baths, tea ceremony and wear a kimono.
  5. Go to Turks and Caicos (it just looks so beautiful and relaxing the beaches) 
  6. Go to Maldives and relax on the beach 
  7. Enroll in Fine Arts
  8. Go on a yoga retreat in Thailand
  9. Attend a cooking lesson
  10. Learn to knit 
  11. Go see the magnificent polar bears
  12. Go to Italy 
  13. See cherry blossoms in bloom on spring
  14. Visit Disneyland 
  15. Make a crêpe cake 🙂
  16. Visit a zoo 
  17. Visit a museum 
  18. Go to United Kingdom ( see the the London Bridge and Big Ben?)
  19. Buy our first house
  20. Learn how to drive
  21. Buy my first car
  22. Have a spa day
  23. Learn a new language 
  24. Learn how to play violin
  25. Attend a concert
  26. Visit a castle 

    It took me more than 2 weeks to make my list, I can only imagine my list will grow as I sit and think what are the things I want to do and accomplish!So what’s on your bucket list?  

    Have a great day!I’ll  talk to you again soon.


    Ira 😙

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