Busy Weekend

Hello everyone, it’s Monday again! How was your weekend? It was a busy weekend for us,we had to go for dinner at my in laws on Saturday and after that we went to  a birthday party  for my boyfriend’s uncle. We came come 3 am Sunday. We went to bed at almost 5 am.I woke up around 10:30 in the morning. At around 1,we did our groceries,we finished all our grocery shopping almost 4. We went straight to my boyfriend’s grandmother for another dinner. It was a birthday dinner for my boyfriend’s uncle. So,today I am feeling tired.Isabella stayed at my in-laws Saturday night and yesterday whole day.

I missed having her around when I am not with her. She’s a little character. She laughs when people laugh. She has a temper on her,I noticed. We went to buy a wooden puzzle for Isabella yesterday at Toys R Us. She have a Winnie the Pooh wood puzzle which she absolutely love.She would play with it over and over.I think it was too easy for her already.She can do it no problem.

We got her a train wooden puzzle,it comes with 18 pieces, different shapes and colours.My boyfriend asked if the train is okay for our daughter and I said ” Why wouldn’t it be?”I think he thinks that it’s more a toy for a boy.I don’t think so, it’s a toy for both girl and boy.  We also got her wooden blocks, it’s 150 pieces. We will introduce the blocks later when she starts to get bored with her train and other toys. The wooden blocks costs 20$. It was on sale.

We buy Isabella toys but most of her toys were gifts.We hardly buy her any toys and books,because she already have so much.



I hope you have great day!








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