Is there such thing as being ready for a baby?

Hello everyone! So, I had a little conversation with a friend and with our age,I think our conversation go on it’s own on babies. I have a baby,she doesn’t have one. First off,she’s not dating anyone right now but when she knows she wants to have a baby one day-when she is ready. So, that got me thinking.Is there such thing as being ready for baby? On my own experience, before I got pregnant,I know I wanted a baby but when is left blank. Sure, we can prepare financially,babies cost a lot of money.So many expenses. Emotionally, to some extent you can prepare I guess but nothing can prepare you from the stress when baby cries and you don’t know what she or he wants. They say,there are only few things baby wants when they cry. When you are stressed and your baby is crying, you just want to know which one exactly is it,right?I remember,bawling my eyes out at midnight or 2 or 3 in the morning because I couldn’t get Isabella to sleep. You can never prepare for how tired you’ll get once you have a baby. I always say I’m tired because I am. It’s  not even a joke how tired I am at the end of the day.  Preparing physically, by the taking care of your body meaning eating healthy and exercising,still It won’t prepare you for the big task. Psychologically, you can prepare for it. When you are ready for a baby and you think you are ready for the messy diapers, pajama days, no make up- never mind make up, atleast brushing just the hair. I wasn’t really prepared for it, one day I look in the mirror and my hair was a mess.I broke down in tears in front of my boyfriend and said ” I couldn’t even brush my hair.”.I laugh it off now but at that time I wasn’t laughing obviously. 

I think, we can never really prepare for something so life changing. Babies will make you cry,frustrate you,test your patience but they are the most wonderful gift. They will brighten your day with their babbles,gurgles,laugh or just their voice when they start talking. 
So did you know you were ready for a baby? If so, how ready were you? 


Ira 😙 

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