Potty Training

Hello everyone,so this week I started potty training Isabella again. We tried when she was 16-17 months old but it didn’t work out,we did it with the pull ups. So,now I am doing 3 day potty training. She was bare bottomed yesterday and Monday,today I put a pants on her just because the temperature is a little cold again. She have lots of accidents still. I am hoping patiently that she will get there soon enough.She tries to hold her pee but I think sometimes she’s into whatever she’s doing that she forgets that she’s not wearing diaper anymore. I put diaper when she naps and at night. I think I am not quite ready to potty train her at night.The most important thing for me is she is potty trained during the day. I planned on going back to work sometime this year so it would be great if she is potty trained before she goes to daycare.

So how did you potty train your kids? 
Have a great day!

Love ,

Ira 🤗

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