Easter Weekend

Hello everyone!How was your Easter? It was a busy Easter. We had lunch and dinner at two different places on Easter Sunday. Saturday wasn’t so bad,we lounged around for most part of the day and in the afternoon,we went for a walk in St.Bruno Park. Yesterday was a lazy day,I didn’t really do much.  We took Isabella on the park for a bit,it was a little cold yesterday so we didn’t stay out for long.

So,this week we are back on track with the potty training. We only did a bit of a potty training on the weekend since we are everywhere. Isabella is doing great,she has no problem peeing and pooping on the potty.She still have accidents but I find I didn’t have a hard time teaching her sitting on the potty. Her accidents were usually because she doesn’t want to stop doing whatever she is doing and she doesn’t get on the potty on the time. 

Thursday,Isabella is going for 18 month vaccine. I hope everything goes well.
Have a great day!


Ira 😘

3 Replies to “Easter Weekend”

  1. We are potty training right now too. I think we started to push it a little too hard since she started holding it instead of going at all, so we have backed off a little. We are trying to get her to tell us BEFORE she goes, which so far usually consists of her screaming “IM POOPING!!!!!” while running away from me down the hall… hahaha! Good luck 🙂


    1. 🤗 Isabella has been doing great with the potty training. She would tell me if she needs to use the potty or would just start pulling her pants down. She went on without accidents this past couple of days. Good luck with your potty training too 😆

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      1. Wow that’s awesome! Our attempts went the opposite direction… she started holding in her potty and having big accidents. We have lightened up and are just letting her tell us if she wants to use the potty now. Encouraging her a lot but we had to ditch the underpants for now.


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