Update:Potty Training 

Hello everyone! How’s your week going? It’s a rainy day here today. So,yesterday Isabella had an accident free day since I started potty training her. I’m very happy with that,she started pointing on her pants too when she needs to use the potty. She wears pants at home without underwear.She got a training underwear for Easter but haven’t really use them. She wears diaper for her nap and bedtime. I usually sit her on the potty before I put her diaper and I try to put her diaper as close to her nap time. 

I tried getting her in her tub this week and still no luck. So,I’ll wait and try to buy bubbles,see if that works for her. 🤗

That’s it for now, I’ll updating more on the potty training.
Have a great day!


Ira 😘

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