Apartment Living

Hello everyone,I am up early as usual,I prepared my boyfriends’ lunch and he went to work. So,yes I wanted to talk about living in apartment when you have a child or children. Not all of us can afford to buy a house right away. In our situation,we definitely can’t afford it right now but it’s in the future list of big purchase. 

If you’re wondering why I suddenly wanted to talk about apartment living,it is because we’ve been having problem with our neighbour downstairs.We live in the second  floor. She came few weeks ago on a weekend and said to my boyfriend that our daughter makes too much noise. I said to my boyfriend right away,she doesn’t make that much noise. Once in a while she drops her toys and sometimes she would walk fast. I’m not being biased because she is my daughter but I honestly think she doesn’t make that much noise.

Last night,Isabella was walking back forth from the TV stand to the couch and she would squeal and the people downstairs started banging with a stick on their ceiling. Isabella didn’t do anything wrong,she was just walking. I find it childish that they bang the stick on the ceiling. My boyfriend explained to the lady when she came that our daughter is at the age where she walks. I figured she would understand since she also have a baby which is younger than our daughter. 

We are moving at the end of June but still, Isabella wants to walk. She’s 19 months today.I think the lady knows that Isabella is not doing it  on purpose,it’s just that she chose to complain be childish about it. She obviously know it’s not me or my my boyfriend who walk around like that.Babies can’t control their weight when they walk especially when they try to walk fast.  The lady certainly knows,we live in a old apartment building,so as far as noise is you can hear a lot but doesn’t mean I bang the ceiling when people on top of us are noisy. 

I hope you have a great day 😘😘😘!


Ira ❤️

Managing Stress

So here we are on the end of the week. Everyone gets stressed.We all have our day to day worries. It stresses me out when our house is a mess,mommies out there can probably relate. So this week, my boyfriend had a break down. He was getting over a bad cold,then his dog Boss broke his leg the week before and he went to see his doctor for consultation about his biopsy last month for his stomach. He took Boss for his check up also. I don’t like seeing him so stressed out especially he get bad migraines. I don’t know how bad it is since I’ve never had migraines. My boyfriend stresses out about lots of things, he likes to think about the future which is nice but he thinks about it to the point that stresses him out. 

I think about the future of course,I worry that I won’t be able to get a job. I’ve learned to not worry about it too much until I get to start finding a job first. I don’t see the point of worrying at this point,if I haven’t even applied to any job. 

I think I mentioned on the other post that I like doing yoga. I try to spend at least 20-25 mins on the mat,20 mins of doing the poses and I end it with a 5 minute meditation. The weather here lately has been good so I go for a walk with Isabella for 20 mins then we stop by at the park.I let her play and stay as long as she wants. 😊

Working out is good to lower stress. 🤗 You release happy hormones when you workout! 

Happy Weekend everyone! 


Ira ❤️