Managing Stress

So here we are on the end of the week. Everyone gets stressed.We all have our day to day worries. It stresses me out when our house is a mess,mommies out there can probably relate. So this week, my boyfriend had a break down. He was getting over a bad cold,then his dog Boss broke his leg the week before and he went to see his doctor for consultation about his biopsy last month for his stomach. He took Boss for his check up also. I don’t like seeing him so stressed out especially he get bad migraines. I don’t know how bad it is since I’ve never had migraines. My boyfriend stresses out about lots of things, he likes to think about the future which is nice but he thinks about it to the point that stresses him out. 

I think about the future of course,I worry that I won’t be able to get a job. I’ve learned to not worry about it too much until I get to start finding a job first. I don’t see the point of worrying at this point,if I haven’t even applied to any job. 

I think I mentioned on the other post that I like doing yoga. I try to spend at least 20-25 mins on the mat,20 mins of doing the poses and I end it with a 5 minute meditation. The weather here lately has been good so I go for a walk with Isabella for 20 mins then we stop by at the park.I let her play and stay as long as she wants. 😊

Working out is good to lower stress. 🤗 You release happy hormones when you workout! 

Happy Weekend everyone! 


Ira ❤️

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