Toddler Tantrum

Hello everyone, I know I haven’t posted anything for a while. I was busy and really stressed with moving and unpacking all our stuff at our new place. 

So,since couple weeks ago we noticed some changes in Isabella. She used to just sit in her high chair and eat,now while in the middle of eating dinner she starts to cry and scream because she wants out. She would literally cry for everything when things doesn’t go her way. Last Saturday,we brought Isabella with us groceryshopping. At first,she was fine sitting on the cart and we get it,she wants out to walk around so we said okay.She was fine at first walking and then she started throwing a fit because she doesn’t want to hold hands with either of us. We get that she wants to walk around on her own but that’s not the place to do that. We explained it to her but she’s just not having it,she cried and cried on the store and I did let her. I picked her up because she sat on the floor on the store and told her I’ll put you down and you can walk around as long as you hold my hand. It took two to three tries to get her to hold my hand, in those three tries she cried every time I put her down and try to get her to hold my hand. I find that really exhausting, I was getting the look on the store when she was crying but in my head ” I do feel bad,at the same time she needs to learn that there are time and place for everything. It was her first public tantrum,so I’m hoping it won’t happen very often. 😐 I try to make our grocery trip short just so she’s not tired and crabby.
I hope you all are having a good day !


Ira ❤️

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