Isabella’s Favorites

I’ll be posting Isabella’s current favourite toys,books and other things here. I’ll be updating it monthly or as much as I could. We know how fast baby changes their favorite toys and books.
March 2017

Story Books: 

She loves Ladybirds Tale Little Red Riding, Gingerbread Man and The Enormous Turnip.



Gingerbread Man has been her long time favourite. We started reading to her very early (1 month old?). She went through quite a bit of books already.


Educational Books:

Barney’s Treasure Hunt(Search and Spot book),Barney goes to the Zoo (Lift and Peek) and Numbers, Colours and Shapes from Prissy Books. 


Barney books are her favourite,she never gets tired of it.She would read it over and over. Barney goes to the zoo is a lift and peek book but we also use it as search and spot book.You can use any kind of book for search and spot.


Mr.Potato Head puzzle,Winnie the Pooh wood puzzle from Melissa and Doug,Fisher Price’s Piggy Bank.

She’s crazy for Mr. Potato head,she makes funny faces with it. You can make it as a educational toy,you can teach them body parts while playing. Isabella already know most body parts but she’s having fun when you ask her “Can you get me Mr.Pototo head’s arm or eyes?”

I mentioned before she loves Winnie the Pooh and she would spend so much time doing and redoing her puzzle. She played with for more than half an hour last night.I had time to do our dishes after dinner.

The piggy bank comes coins and the pig counts it up to ten. You have the option to put it to counting or just music. Isabella didn’t really use the music part since we got the toy. So, Isabella like putting the coins in and out. She would just sit and do that over and over.

April 2017

Books 📚 

A picnic in the woods by Disney 

Isabella is absolutely in love with this book right now. She loves Mickey Mouse so she enjoys reading the book over and over.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by

Ladybird Tales

Isabella really wasn’t into princess and princes stories until recently. I find she enjoys this book .I am happ,maybe I can introduce her to some Disney movies with princess and prince.

The Penguin that hated the cold 

          This is originally my boyfriends’ book when he was little. We started reading it to Isabella and she loves it.