New day,New week

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Mine is the same usual.Our weekends are usually busy,Saturday is our grocery day, laundry day and also grandparents day for Isabella.I find Saturday is usually the longest and tiring day for me. I don’t about you other mom’s out there but my day ends at almost,if not past 10 at night. I’m saying that’s when I finally get to sit down and watch tv. Pretty much that’s what my day is all like all week. There’s  just so much things to be done around the house. 

So, today Isabella woke up at 5 am and she went back to bed at 6:30. I haven’t slept since then. I noticed that lately she don’t want to go bed,she puts up a fight, she cries and screams when I do bring her on her room to sleep . It’s sounds like a tantrum to me. Today, she woke up and she wants to go play with her toys. I told her it’s  too early to play and it’s still time to sleep and she cried and screamed. 

On the other note, I deleted by mistake my post about the breadsticks😣. I’ll repost the recipe again. 
I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Ira 😙

Sleep re-training and potty train

Hello there,it’s Monday again. Last week, we bought a potty for Isabella and today she started wearing her pull ups. She already know how to pull it up and down. I’ve read the pro’s and cons of the pull ups but I decided to try it. If it doesn’t work, I can try the other method. I think the hard part now is getting her to recognize when she needs to go to the potty. She’s turning 16 months soon,so we are starting early with the potty training. I know it will be a while yet before she starts going on her own but a mom can hope. I’ll be honest,I am actually tired of changing diapers, lately she pees so much that I have to change her often.

On another topic, we pushed later Isabella’s bedtime. She used to go to bed at 8 now, she goes to bed at 8:30. We pushed it back because she started waking up very early (6 am). We didn’t have a hard time pushing her bedtime back,she was sleep trained when she was few months old. 
Have a great day! 


Ira 😙

Early Terrible Two’s?

Hello everyone, it’s Monday.Most of the time I don’t what day we are on the week because I rarely check the calendar anymore. I remember important dates like Bella’s vaccination, my Dr’s appointment but I never check the day.

Isabella is 15 months old now, going 16 on the 9th of February. I think she is starting her terrible two’s early. As soon as the little munchkin is up in the morning,she would walk right away to the dishwasher and try to press the buttons (our dishwasher is an older model, no lock on the buttons). She likes to press my S.O’s ps3 also,she do it mostly when my other half is home.She pushes chairs,open drawers and makes a pile mess with her toys (shakes head). I find her really adorable but the mess sometimes is just too much.

Picture below is before and after. Top is after and botton is before. 😮 She made other more mess around the house.

Isabella also started to refuse to take her bath last week. She would watch me put water on her tub and put her duckies but one’s I get her naked she would run away and cry. It’s funny because couple days before that she refuse to come out of her bath. I’ve been giving her sponge bath since then. There’s alot of weird stuff that happened last week. She would also refuse to have her bib changed,it needs changing often since she’s drooling alot. One day,she cried because I put sweater on 😅 and she tried to take it off me. I told her I was cold and she cried for a bit more. She would refuse diaper changes also, so I really want to get the mural done.It might help with her diaper changes.Is this what terrible two sounds like? I would think so,I find it stressful and the same time fun.
Have a great day everyone.:)


Ira 😙

Winnie the Pooh Mural Project

Hello everyone, I woke up today feeling tired.I haven’t been sleeping well lately.I think Isabella is going through a sleep regression or maybe she’s teething. She had been waking up 1 am and would stay up 1h30 minimum. Anyway, I wanted to share the project that I started on Monday. I drew Pooh and Piglet on the wall on Monday and yesterday I drew Tigger and Eeyore.Now,I’m  still thinking if I should put Owl,Rabbit and Roo somewhere. I wasn’t planning on painting the whole wall before but now I want to. I feel excited, I want to see it when it’s  done. My daughter loves Winnie the Pooh so she’s ecstatic to see Pooh on her wall.  I wish there’s  a clearer way to show the sketch on the wall. It’s  really hard to see because my daughter’s wall is pink.You probably have to zoom in to see the drawings.

Art is really  my passion.I love it,I enjoy it. Time flies when I’m doing art because I’m so into it. 

 I did a drawing on the wall when I was pregnant before my daughter came out . It’s not as detailed as the one I’m planning to do.I would’ve  put the background but I was almost due when I did the drawings.

I’m hoping it will turn out well my project . I’ll  post it here when it’s done.



Lunch Ideas:Tuna wrap reinvented 

Today, it’s my first time to post a niche post or a hobby post. I love cooking and trying out new things. I usually don’t know what to eat for lunch, sometimes I would just reheat leftovers but I don’t like doing that everyday. So, today I made myself a Tuna wrap. It is easy and quick to make. 

Tuna wrap ingredients:

134g can solid white tuna(mashed in pieces;season with salt and pepper and 1 1/2 mayonnaise)

1 lettuce leaf washed

1 slice cheese (I like cheddar)

1/2 avocado (sliced thin)

1/4 pear (sliced thin) 

1 tortilla 9 grains

That’s  it! Now you just have to roll your wrap and eat ! Happy lunch everyone. 

First post of the year:Baby head banging

Hello, how’s everyone? How did your holidays go? So, I didn’t post anything holiday related and I didn’t get on my blog until today. I find the holidays very stressful to be honest. It’s not that I don’t want to see people,it’s just too much I find. One day, you’re at your aunts then the next at your parents . It’s a really busy month and too much food to think for me. I feel alot better now with all the holiday stress gone.

So, Isabella just turned 15 months old on Monday. I noticed the past few weeks that she bangs her head pretty often when things don’t go her way or when she needs attention. I am really worried, I think it can’t be good for their brain and their head. When I read up on it, it tells me not to worry about it, they will outgrew it.I still worry, I mean I am not talking about banging her head just on the pillow or soft couches here.She bangs her head on the wall, cabinet doors, glass doors and I think it is pretty hard. I try not to let her bang her head but when I say no she goes ahead and bangs it anyway. I give her alot more attention during the day, I find it helps alot. I try not to say No all the time with her too.Instead of saying no, I would say “Let’s go over to your mat and play” when she’s about to touch or do something she’s not suppose to. I will admit sometimes I raise my voice with her and I guess she doesn’t like that and she doesn’t really understand what she did wrong just by saying no.So,I try to be calm as possible when I’m  with her and enjoy playing with her.Babies grow up fast they won’t be the same in a month. ­čÖé

That’s  it for today,have a wonderful day! 

Let me know how you deal with your baby head banging! 


“You’re being dramatic”

There’s nothing more frustrating and irritating when you’re so stressed and pouring your heart out what it is about and someone tells you, you’re  being dramatic. I find lots of people now a days thinks that when you are pouring your heart out, it means you want advice. Maybe, you just need someone to hear you out without the advice. You just need a friend who will just listen to you. 

Few nights ago, Isabella had trouble sleeping at night. She was crying everytime, I leave her room. That night, I wasn’t at my best and it starts to drive me nuts her crying and it really stressed me out. After she fell asleep, I was having a talk, basically venting out my frustration about it. He told me that, there’s  nothing to cry about and stress about.I said, well tonight it stresses me out and I just can’t take it. He said, you’re being dramatic. So, here I am stressed out,bawling my hearts out of frustration and that’s the comment I get. 

I wanted someone to be just there. Just to listen, you know. Who knows how many times, I’ve cried out of stress and frustration. Being a mother really takes so much out of you. I love my daughter, I usually say I can’t do it anymore but I’m still there stretching my patience out until she can sleep. 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone. 

Hopefully, everyone have a stress free holiday!

😘 Ira

3 True things about myself

This is a post related to compulsive lying, I’m committed to stop compulsive lying. This is a baby step towards my goal. Like everything else when you want to change something we take baby steps first . People can’t change overnight, it has to be a gradual process. Change comes after you,yourself realize and say to yourself “Okay, I’m tired of living this way. I want to change for the better for myself or for anyone that you love.” In this case for me, it’s my daughter. I realised she deserves a much better mother than what I am now and I know I can be better. It won’t be easy journey, I know but I’m very optimistic. 

3 True things about myself

1. I’m youngest of the family, I have 1 older brother and a nephew.Both parents are still alive and well. 

2. I’m  not close to my parents.By close I mean emotionally-I love them but I can never tell my feelings and what has been going on with my life. 

3. I am very shy person but I get my moments when I will talk to a stranger first . That’s very for me though.
Thank you for reading this post.My support system for this journey is my daughter and hopefully for people who have no one, I can be a support for you. 

Have a good day! ­čÖé

Confession:Compulsive lying

So yes,on this post I am confessing that I am a compulsive liar. I am embarrased and at the same I am discouraged and disappointed in myself. I find myself frustrated why can’t I just stop for  a moment before I tell a lie when situation arises. I know  I lie when situation is stressful or diffult for me- I know it is selfish,I know it is better to just tell the truth. I went to a CBT therapy  few years ago and I got better. I feel like it’s  a continuous battle that I just can’t win and I am actually so tired. I don’t want my daughter to grow up and hate me because of it. I thought I was doing okay atleast but right I feel like it’s just a battle I can’t win. 

I want to try and be positive and say I can do this but I really feel defeated right now. Another thing is I have no financial sense, If anyone read my other post.I said I want my daughter to learn about saving my money. I am probably the same as father.I know I want to save money for my daughter. 

I want to take care and give everything to my daughter I want to better for her. 

Anyone out there who is battling the same disorder, I want to know how are you doing? 

Parenting:Raising your child the same way you were raised?

Now that I have a daughter,I have the chance to look more closely on how I was raised. I think about how I would raise my own daughter.I asked myself if I would raise my child the same way I was raised? My answer is both yes and no. My parents are wonderful people but like every other human being they’re not perfect-no one is. They did their best in raising me. First of all, I grew up mostly with my father. My mother was working overseas most of the time. The first time she worked overseas, I was 6 years old. I remember clearly I didn’t cry but I was sad.I knew I won’t be able to see my mother for years. Then she ended her contract and came back,I was already 9 years old. She stayed for a year and she went away again for work. She came 2 years after for vacation and when she was about to go back to overseas I remember I cried so hard, I didn’t ┬ásee her off. My father said at that time “What would I do when they die? They can’t bring me with them.” I understood,I can’t go with my mother but wasn’t I allowed to be sad?.

Thinking about those thing now.

  1. I want my daughter to be able to express her emotions or whatever she’s ┬áthinking to ┬áme freely.
  2. My father is very strict, I wasn’t allowed to play with my friends outside. I’m not making excuse about anything but I learned ┬áto lie when he wouldn’t let me go see my friends outside of school. I tried the honest approach so many times and didn’t work.My friend would sometimes come over to ask my father and he would still say no. So, I want to raise my daughter to be honest.
  3. Observing my father, he has no money sense. That’s ┬áone more important ┬áthing I want to teach my daughter. I want to teach her the importance of saving money.
  4. Education of course,like any parent.I want her to follow whatever her heart wants. I want to support her whatever she chose to do. My parents weren’t ┬áthe best at supporting. They would often tell me, take this or take that you’ll earn so much money when you finish.

So, how would you raise you child? Like I said, I love my parents all the same. No one is perfect, we try to be but we all have our flaws.